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EthyCalm® + (Vapocoolant)

EthyCalm® + (Vapocoolant)

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EthyCalm® Plus is a so-called vapocoolant: it renders the skin on which it is applied very cold by evaporation, making it numb for a short while. This allows for a puncture of the skin without being noticed, both in human hospitals before venipuncture and in piercing studios as well as in animal health. If the animal doesn’t notice the puncture and injection, the negative association of a visit to the vet is likely to occur a lot less.

Applications for the use of EthyCalm® Plus are: piercing the skin for an injection or the placement of a catheter, but also for the placement of an RFID chip. It is furthermore of use for the removal of e.g. a tick.
The fluid can either be sprayed directly onto the skin for 6 - 8 seconds or first on a gauze or cotton, after which it is rubbed 4 -5 times over the area to puncture. Make sure the area becomes wet and white by EthyCalm® Plus.
EthyCalm® Plus does not contain any propellant and so the fluid comes out without making a noise that might frighten animals. This makes it aso applicable for horses (joint injections, nerve block injections, etc.
One bottle of 75 ml allows for over a hundred of applications. 

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