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ChroMyco® Duo Dermatophyte Test System

ChroMyco® Duo Dermatophyte Test System

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ChroMyco® Duo Dermatophyte test system

You may be familiar with DTM (Dermatophyte Test Medium) for the detection of Dermatophytes. We have added a medium, which we called ESA (Enhanced Sporulation Agar). Our new medium gives abundant growth, with strong pigmentation and sporulation, allowing exact determination, and is less prone to give false positive color change as can be seen with DTM.

- double chance of getting it right!
- easy inoculation on this plate
- on ESA strong pigmentation and sporulation
- easy to take a (Sellotape) sample
- whole plate can be sent in for evaluation by expert (UN3373!)
- ESA culture can be used right away for microscopy
- if dermatophyte: color changes rapidly on ESA
- DTM alone can give false positive color change

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